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History of the Congress


World Union of Jesuit Alumni

The World Union of Jesuit Alumni was established on July 31st, 1956 at Bilbao, Spain during the Congress of Loyola held on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the death of Saint Ignatius of Loyola.

The Congress adopted a statement, known as the “Magna Carta of Loyola”, wich was aproved by the Superior General of the Society of Jesus. This Magna Carta was updated during a gathering in Drongen (Belgium) in 1976.
The purpose was to unite all alumni and alumnae from educational institutions of the Society of Jesus through their organizations: Local, regional, national and international in a common apostolic effort.

The objectives of WUJA are:

  • Preserve and develop bonds of friendship, communication and solidarity among alumni(ae) throughout the world
  • Encourage alumni(ae) to co-operate actively with the Society of Jesus in its various missions: particularly in education, spiritual life, community service and social justice.
  • Inspire alumni(ae) to implement the education, which they were given, based on Christian humanism and Ignatian spirit, above all so that they play their part, through their personal life and their social action, in building a world where people can fulfill themselves with complete dignity.




Fourth centenary of the death of Saint Ignatius of Loyola
The World Union is created


To make commitment – yes – To which values?
This Congress had an attendance of 750 people.

The Statutes were revised

The World Union was legally registered under Luxembourg law on march 2, 2001. The values that should be promoted by alumni and other believers in the 21st century.
This Congress had an attendance of 350 people.

Where the mind is without fear. And the head is held high

Witnesses to Hope - Jesuit Alumni/ae for Better Africa

World Union of Jesuit Alumni/ae

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